Ampleforth Cave

Moorland Caver (2003)
NGR: SE 592789
Altitude: 150m
Length: 8m
Access: No known restrictions.
Grade: I
Entertainment Value: I
The cave lies in a small overgrown quarry to the north of the Ampleforth to Ampleforth College road.
The entrance is an obliquely descending letterbox squeeze at the foot of the quarry face.
It enters a 3 m high cross rift which can be followed as a hands and knees crawl for about 6 m to the left before it ends in a choke.
Explored by A.C.V.S.U. in 1972

BCRA Transactions Vol.3 No.2 – The North Yorkshire Windypits (1976)
SE593791 Altitude 500 ft. Length 25 ft. References: Coghlan, 1973b; Brook et at, 1974. This is situated immediately north of the road from Ampleforth to Ampleforth College. A low and tight letter-box squeeze at the base of a small overgrown quarry face leads immediately to a low cross-rift, subparallel to the quarry face. The quarry face is in a large block of rock which has tilted forwards, dipping at an angle of 47°, much of the cave seems to be in an opened bedding plane.BCRAT3-Ampleforth2

Northern Caves Volume 5 – (1974)
NGR SE.593791 Grade I  Alt. 600 ft (183 m.) Length 25 ft. (7.6 m.) Explored 1972, A.C.V.S.U.
In quarry at left side of road going uphill from the Ampleforth to Ampleforth College road. Low entrance at cliff base leads down over large boulder into low cross-passage, which chokes to the right and ends similarly to the left after 20 ft. (6.1 m.)

Moldywarps Speleological Group – Journal 6 (1973)
N.G.R. SE 592791. Alt. 550′.
This grot-hole hardly merits the title of cave. It lies in a quarry on the north side of the road that climbs the bank between Ampleforth and Ampleforth Abbey. The entrance was discovered by the writer and a friend in June 1972 : a slide down over a rock slab leads to the floor of a 12′ high fissure. This can be followed for c. 20′ (most of it a hands-and-knees crawl) to the l. until it ends in a choke.
Nick Coghlan.

A Snippet from the Catholic Herald 20th April 2012

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