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Clearing Bogg Hall Rising

Bogg Hall Rising is the resurgence for all the caves on Hutton Beck and the River Dove. During 2017 it was noticed that a large tree had fallen from the hillside above.

Although not completely blocked, this had raised the water level inside Bogg Hall and was also trapping silt that was building up inside.

On the evening on 22/3/2018 we took a break from underground digging to clear the blockage.

Despites its size, the three chainsaws removed it within an hour.


NGR: SE 526894 (High Buildings)

At present there are no known, enterable holes in this area however the area would appear to have considerable potential as noted in the following extract from M.S.G. 7:

“To return to the “classic” windypit area, the farmer at Daleside, i.e N. side of Gowerdale, complained recently that in the vicinity of High Buildings, he no sooner fills in one windypit than another one opens up! Those at present detectable overlook Coomb Hill, are full of rubbish, and too narrow anyway.”

Cockerdale Windypit

Moorland Caver (2003)

NGR: SE 528814
Altitude: 260m
Depth: 15m
Access: No known restrictions
Grade: II
Entertainment value: II

Warning: Beware loose rock

Located at Scotch Corner, the hole lies in a fenced enclosure in the middle of a field. The entrance is covered by a substantial grill with a hinged gate, secured by a couple of long bolts. If a descent is planned take a couple of adjustable spanners and a can of WD 40. Once in, the windypit consists of a constricted tube about 15m deep, dropping in to a cross rift. The sub-parallel fracture runs for 5m and is 1m wide but all routes close down to impenetrable slots.

On occasion Cockerdale Windypit issues tremendous draughts of warm air.

Excavated in 1987 by M.S.G./S.C.C.