Devils Parlour

Moorland Caver (2003)

NGR: SE 512816
Altitude: 250m
Length: 9m
Access: No known restrictions.
Grade: I
Entertainment Value: I

The rift is located in Roulston Scar. From the footpath locate two wooden gateposts, just beyond is a steep gully between cliffs. From the bottom of the gully climb up a “staircase” of boulders leading to the entrance. The rift ascends steeply for about 9 m before becoming too tight.


Known since the 1850s, noted by the M.S.G. circ. 1974


BCRA Transactions – Vol.3 No.2 – The North Yorkshire Windypits (1976)
BCRAT3-devil BCRAT3-devil2 BCRAT3-devil3


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