Hobthrush Hole

Moorland Caver (2003)

NGR:SE 450934
Altitude: 180m
Length: 4.5 m
Access: No known restrictions
Grade: I
Entertainment value: I

This “rock shelter” lies to the North West of Over Silton and is found about 3 m up a slipped section of cliff. The entrance is 1.5 m high x 1.2 m wide. The hole is about 2 m wide with two small avens at the far end. Also at the far end is a too tight tube estimated to be about 3 m long.

Cooper noted in MSG 7 that “Mrs Craik’s account of North Riding Folklore talks of a cavern (windypit?) N.W of Over Silton”. Hobthrush Hole was discovered by the M.S.G. in circa 1975; possibly the cavern referred to by Mrs Craik (?).

BCRA Transactions – Vol.3 No.2 – The North Yorkshire Windypits (1976)

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