Noddle End Windypit

Moorland Caver (2003)

NGR: SE 526886
Altitude: 268m
Length: 230m
Depth: 29m
Access: Permission to descend is not granted
Grade: II+
Entertainment value: III

This is by far the prettiest cave on the North Yorkshire Moors……… MAKE SURE YOU KEEP IT THAT WAY !!

Like Gowerdale, this hole had been used for the dumping of “farm waste”, rendering descents particularly unpleasant. However thanks to Pete Roe, funded by English Nature, the hole has now been cleaned up.

This classic Windypit lies in an open field 100m from the barn at the Eastern extremity of the Noddle End spur. Its wood covered entrance is a 0.5 x 1m hole but is easily missed.
The 20m entrance pitch is best laddered and belayed to a scaffold pole or stake. Stepping off the ladder on a ledge at -12m and heading West climbs steeply to within 3m of the surface. Heading East past a branch fissure on the right leads to a boulder ruckle.

Crawling left through the ruckle and into a fissure with three levels, all of which end in chokes but holes in floor reveal an unexplored lower level.
Back at the ladder and climbing down a further 5m the rift continues West to a T junction in the main rift with 3m pitch
To the right the fissure runs for 15m to moonmilk covered blocks, a climb here reveals a short continuation to a hard work dig heading towards Gowerdale. To the left the fissure stretches for over 50m past flowstone and delicate stalagmites to a small cross rift containing rimstone pools. Left and right are too tight but continuing on for 30m leads to a rounded chamber with an exit on the slope of Peak Scar.

Entrance pitch : 20m ladder and lifeline, belayed to a scaffold pole or stake.
Rift pitch : 3m ladder, spreader and hanger. 10m lifeline. (Spit placed circa 1993)

A party led by Raymond Hayes explored the upper part of the Main Fissure in 1944, descending the entrance pitch on ropes. The East and West Transverse Fissures were explored by Raymond Hayes, Paul Fitton, Doreen Mitchell and Alan Precious in June 1949. The West Transverse Fissure was extended by about 30m by the M.S.G. in January 1975; Graham Stevens passing a roof fall. In 1993 Ernie and David Shield added another 30m by excavating under a choke and 1997 saw M.S.G. / S.C.C. members further extending Noddle End by creating the second entrance in the valley side at Peak Scar.



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Noddle End, 77 ft, extremely difficult to find but by the barn on the way to Gowerdale IV and V

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