Rampgill with YUCPC

Present : Adele and Chris

First day of a weekend in Nenthead, showing the YUCPC a few old lead mines.

No photos of the day, but one of the Barneycraig Mine Shop which is now a remote bunk house (no leccy or running water)

Bull Pot

Present : Sparky, JD, Adele and a secret photographer.

NYMCC were back in SRT action over the weekend with a nippy visit to Bull Pot, Kingdale

Hang on a minute, on the CNCC website i’m sure this is a dry stream bed ?

I want a refund.

Lovely, melting snow !

Sparky appears to have eaten a few pies since he last wore his SRT kit, so some minor adjustments were required.

John speaking in calming tones before Adele begins to descend

Everyone down the first pitch, except the shadowy mystery photographer.

Adele is never happier than when hanging around on ropes for extra minutes, while John takes photos.

The team appear to have located that naughty cold stream flowing into the cave.

Adele returns, looking very happy as usual


The snow had started and Sparky has just told Adele there might not be enough time to go for a pint.  The lip is out.

Storm Ciara

All planned activities were abandoned due to extreme weather flooding a lot of the Dales.

We did however get to see Jenga and Excalibur in heavy flood.

Fairy Holes

Present  : Adele, Sparky, Chris Curry and some Black Rose I think.

Chris Curry attacking the terminal sump area


Westerdale Jet Mines

Present : Chris and JD and CMHS

A double trip day meant a split team. Managed to get underground in a couple of new places in Westerdale.

Notts II

Present : Adele, Sparky, John Cameron, John Dale, Chris Twigg and Chris Curry.

Also known as Iron Kiln and Committee Pot , a fantastic non-SRT entrance to the system build from scaffolding and tat, very much like our Glass Trap dig.

We journeyed upstream to explore Curry Inlet and Inlet 5, then downstream to Kleine Scheidegg. A good time as had by all until we got charged £2.40 for a bag of crisps afterwards.

Photos by JD

Mutton Butty

Present : Matt, Gary, Ian, JC, JD, Sparky, Andy, Princess Pieface. Chris-Pub Only.

The winch bike was installed and tested for safety. Followed by light refreshments.

Dow Cave

Present : Chris, Adele, JD

Adele showed us the lovely Dow Cave where she had spent much time looking at huge formations and massive streamways. Chris got excited by tiny little mine workings chipped inside the cave.

Main Streamway


Watching JD climb

JD superhero.