Scarborough Castle Rift

Moorland Caver (2003)

NGR: TA 047891
Altitude: 55m
Length: 5m
Access: No known restrictions
Grade: I
Entertainment Value: III (if you include the view)

On the North side of the headland about 100m past the arch, which was once part of the castle drawbridge, is an obvious fracture heading into the cliff. This can be entered for 5m and can be seen to go much further although very narrow.
On the South side of the headland, the same fracture can be seen but at only 10cm wide, it can’t be entered.
The road around the headland is currently (2003) being under pinned and protected with rock armour to prevent it from falling into the sea. If this fails, we might see movement along this fracture followed by the collapse of the castle and a lot of unwanted post cards.

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