Spider Windypit

Moorland Caver (2003)
NGR: SE 508838
Altitude: 360m
Length: 14m
Depth: 11 m
Access: No known restrictions
Grade: II
Entertainment value: II+

Obvious hole surrounded by a substantial wooden fence.
1 m descent down onto a boulder bridge Climb down the side of the bridge, back under it and into the main rift. The main rift is about 6 m long and is best traversed halfway up. At the foot of the climb down into the rift a crawl leads off and ultimately chokes. An 8 m ladder is useful for the return out of the rift.

Entrance/main rift: 8m ladder useful, belay to fence (sling / spreader).

Discovered by a group of walkers who were following along the footpath when one rather rotund lady suddenly disappeared up to her waist and stuck fast in what is now the entrance.
First explored by E. and D. Shield (M.S.G) in 1998.

Spider Windypit

Memoirs of a Moldywarp (2008)


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