Vista Windypit

Moorland Caver (2003)

NGR: SE 507859
Altitude: 310m
Length: 17m
Depth: 11m
Access: No known restrictions.
Grade: II
Entertainment value: II+

Extremely difficult to find, located 8m down the cliff under spur, half way between Hillfort and Boltby Quarry.
Narrow, rift-like entrance running parallel to escarpment. Initially sideways
walking until a small chamber is reached. From the chamber the explorer is reduced to crawling in the floor of the rift. A short crawl leads to an excavated squeeze dropping down into a second small chamber. A circa 5m climb lands in a third small chamber.
The obvious way on down a rubble slope leads to the boulder floored Main Chamber. At the southern end of the Main Chamber a narrow rift can be followed to a bend where it soon becomes too tight. Small scale digging at the opposite, northern end of the chamber has revealed various narrow rifts which have yet to be entered (further digging needed).

Discovered and explored by S.C.C. between December 1998 and January 1999.


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