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  1. Hi, I will be spending a week based in Whitby at the end of August with my 9 yo son. I try to put together a week of outdoor activities and thought that an introduction to caving would be a great way to spend a couple of hours one day. Through your establishment as a Caving Club could you possibly point me towards any organisations who offer planned, supervised and guided cave explorations suited to beginners. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks, Rob

  2. Hello , hope you are well in a few weeks I will be visiting the north yorkshire moors and staying near to Helmsley . I have a range of activities planned for our visit in and around the moors generally all outdoor based . I am a keen walker and have 4 /5 walks planned researched but one thing seems to be eluding me a cave! Joking aside whenever I go for a short break and organise some walks i like to incorporate a few features within them and a cave is always a big draw for me, I am not talking about the serious stuff you guys take on using ropes /ladders etc. Just something to make a walk more exciting easy access have a quick look with a torch break out the thermos and on our way again are there any in your area that you think might be suitable thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you Mark

  3. Hello Chris,

    My name is Robert Duffey and I’m working on a project for the BBC called Shakespeare on Tour to tie-in with the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death.

    The project is part of the wider BBC’s Shakespeare celebrations in early 2016/Spring 2016. The website will look at how Shakespeare’s plays and works were transported across England through the centuries and the stories associated with them and groups of travelling players. We will be creating an online resource of over 220 stories on the website. This involves a collaboration with BBC Arts and the British Library – and has a very strong learning focus.

    I’m contacting you to enquire about the possibility of using one of the images on you website relating to the Jet Mines of Whitby for the project. It will relate to a story about a Shakespeare play that was performed for the bachelors of Whitby in Victorian times, that was thought to consist of a number of wealthy Jet merchants.

    Please could you let me know if you’d be happy for the image to be used in this way by the BBC with the appropriate accreditation to yourself and others under the image, and if so, if we could arrange to access the image from yourselves.

    I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
    Many thanks.
    All the best

    Robert Duffey

  4. Hi,

    I am working on karst in the Jurassic and Permian limestones and the Chalk and was wondering if I could discuss this with you?

  5. Dear NYMCC,

    We were recently exploring the Jurassic Coast on the section between Staithes and Port Mulgrave. Just around the headland from the Port Mulgrave side we came across what we have later found through internet research to be the entrance to a jet mine. The mine entrance was located around 8 feet up the cliff with access provided by a rope ladder, suggesting the mine is still used. We explored the mine to about 30 feet, but had to turn back due to lack of torches and in fact any other useful equipment for this task. Although we took no images of this mine, we found another image on the internet on this site: (just do a page search for “jet”)

    We would be very grateful if you could tell us some more information about this mine -if it is already on your radar- or, if it is not perhaps we could accompany you for your investigation?

    Best wishes,

    Paul and Maria

    1. Thanks for getting in touch.
      I was aware of the location, but looking back at my photos it was back in
      2008 when I last visited, so i’m probably overdue a visit as things change
      can change rapidly on the coast. Were the two large sea-level holes to the
      north that didn’t require a climb still visible ?

      The area between Port Mulgrave and Staithes is absolutely peppered with
      ironstone workings, so I aways thought most of the open holes on that
      stretch were due to the ironstone workings plus
      the holes do seen very large, jet workings are often in shale and of much
      smaller dimensions.

      BUT, that said the The Loop Wyke / Tell Green jet workings to the south or
      Port Mulgrave are of similar dimensions.

      I’ve never actually been inside the specific hole you mention, back in 2008
      as you can see from my last photo on the first link, there was no rope
      I should be relatively easy to tell if its jet or ironstone though, as the
      ironstone bands are visible in the cliffs, whilst the jet rock sits 30ft
      above these

      Watch yourselves around the bottom of those cliffs though, they are always
      on the move and the ironstone workings are pretty much guarenteed to have
      bad air if you get in any decent distance.

  6. Hi!

    I am looking for potential caves and mines suitable for small guide-led groups (this can include vertical sections) in the North York Moors region. The only cave I know of that is suitable is Kirkdale cave, until you head further west to Goyden Pot/Manchester Hole. Potential mines that I know of are in the Nenthead region or Gunnerside. The windyDo you know of any other caves or mines in the region that would be suitable?

  7. Hi,

    I am interested in joining a local cave club and am wondering if it is possible to join NYMCC?



  8. Hi
    A brilliant website…have lost a couple of work hours reading it!!
    I read with a lot of interest your page on jet mining. we have some old jet mines and we often wonder about them- how far they go in, who worked them etc. the entrances have collapsed but it may be that they can still be accessed. if you are looking for more jet mines to explore you would be welcome to come and look at them.
    there is also some interesting information in one of the Bilsdale history books about the local jet mining there, if you haven’t already seen it (I could find out what it was called, the name escapes me!)
    kind regards

  9. Hi,

    My father David Shuttleworth died recently, after a good innings of 92 years. My brother, sister and I now have the sad task now of clearing the house and deciding what to do with things.
    Dad was a keen potholer in the 60`s and early 70`s and was a member of YURT (Yorkshire Underground Research Team) along with a chap called Martin Davies and a few others. He was an Architect by profession, so worked on a few surveys and drew some ecellent cave maps for YURT.
    Anyway, while sorting through his things we have found several boxes of photographs, a few maps I believe but also a journal he kept of YURT`s cave and lead mine explorations.
    We really don`t want to throw these things out, so wondered whether you might want them or know of anyone else that might.

  10. Dear all

    I’ve been out walking today on Danby Low Moor, trying to get to grips with a GPS watch that my wife bought me for Xmas. I remember finding some old shafts there when I was a lad and I found them again today. I see that you have mentioned some shafts at Clitherbeck Farm; I stumbled across something you wrote back in 2012 while I was researching some stuff earlier tonight. My point is that you may not be aware of the two shafts that I found today, they are further across the moor, south east of Clitherbeck. If you would like more info, feel free to get in touch. By the way, great site, keep up the good work! Phil.

  11. Hello
    I was wanting to know if there was an email address I could use to contact rather than an open message.
    Kind regards

  12. Hi
    I have been researching old mine sites for the last 40 years, since I came out of the mining industry. Sadly, a long term injury has restricted underground trips, although I spend many weekends photographing surface remains, especially in the Forest of Dean. I came across your site through a post on AditNow, and noticed that you had some snoods on sale sometime ago. Are these still available, and if so, can I purchase one as a non member please?

    Many thanks

    Kelvin Green

  13. Dear Colleagues
    Reconnaissance in 2017 made it possible to assess the perspective karst areas in Kyrgyzstan. Previously, these areas have not been explored by speleologists.
    Therefore, we invite all interested speleologists to take part in the joint research in Central Asia.
    In this regard, we send you a brief information about our speleo projects.
    More detailed information is available on our website in the PROJECTS section.
    In addition, we are preparing a separate expedition for speleo biologists, in the caves of southern Kyrgyzstan.
    If you need more information, please email us.
    Detail the expeditions can be found on our website in the PROJECTS section
    In this regard, our Foundation invites cavers and scientists to take part in expeditions in 2018.
    Kyrgyzstan is open for entry without a visa for more than 100 countries.
    Therefore, we are ready for open speleological cooperation.
    Those wishing to participate, write to our address:

    We hope for cooperation.

    All the best
    Dr. Alexey Dudashvili

  14. Hi,

    I’m making a documentary around the crafting of Whitby Jet and was hoping to get some footage in the next couple of weeks inside one of the disused mines.

    Is there any chance someone who could act as a guide to me please?

    Shouldn’t take too long! Would be amazing if someone could help me.



  15. Hi,
    There are large holes, man made in the woods above Hutton village near guisborough, we used to play in them as kids daring each other to go in as far as our nerve would allow. One of our teachers said that they would be jet mines. Do you know of them and if so was he correct?

    1. There are both ironstone and jet mines above Hutton village. If the dimensions were maybe 8ft x 8ft easy walking, it was ironstone. If it was narrow passage that were hands and knees crawling then they would have been jet.

  16. I am preparing a short article for Now and Then Magazine about jet mining in Cleveland/ North Yorkshire. I see that you are doing a survey of the mines and wonder if you could let me know the latest news and also whether we can use one of the pictures of a jet mine in the article. Thanks .

  17. I am contacting you in the hope of speaking to somebody about a trip into the jet mines for cavers/mine explorers

  18. I think the map ref for Mr Sparkles Grotty Hole is incorrect as the Map shows it adjacent to Appleton Common.

  19. Hi

    Great website! I walked from Square corner to try find the Hobthrush Hole but didn’t manage to find it. Are you able to point me in the right direction please?

    Kind Regards

  20. Hi, I was researching Jet mining and came across your page on this topic. I have noticed ‘Old Jet Mining’ recorded on historical maps near Cold Moor and Raisdale (at 54.400829, -1.168912, just north-west of Chop Gate). Do you have any information on the jet mines in this area?

  21. In 1960/61 several of us used to ‘descend’ into the Windy Pits with the most primative of equipment. I have photos of some of these events but may be able to track down more. On one occasion we found which, looking at the the photo again, appear ti be human bones. On another occasion we found a fire place. I’m now totally unsure which pits we went down.

  22. Hello,
    I wanted to thank Chris for an excellent lecture last night. I have been working on the archaeological uses of jet and other black shiny materials for some years now, particularly in the Roman period, but I knew little about the processes by which the jet was extracted, so I learned a great deal. At some point I need to write a book about my researches, although I have written a lot of papers and a short book for The Yorkshire Museum on their jet artefacts. Could I contact you when I have specific queries that you may be able to answer?

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