Journal 1: 1980s to 2010

Journal of York Caving Club & Scarborough Caving Club Number 1: 1980s to 2010

This is the first journal of York Caving Club and Scarborough Caving Club (Our former name). Laser-printed and comb bound, with survey images and colour pictures throughout, this journal aims to not only tell the story of several discoveries, but also to recreate the excitement of digging.
Forwarded by Pete Ryder, one of the founders of exploration in the area, the journal documents many of the big discoveries and explorations over the last 30 years, including Bogg Hall Rising, Old Fat and Past It Pot, The Well, Kirkdale Cave, and more recently, Excalibur Pot, using a combination of dig reports and personal memoirs. A complete guide to Excalibur is included, along with a diary of our recent work down Jenga Pot, where we are now on the trail of a potential new master cave!
Available to download or purchase from the York Caving Club website

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