The Glass Trap

In a small copse adjacent to a quiet lane lies one our longer term projects, its aptly named the glass trap. The dig was started sometime in 2014 when a small stream was observed sinking into the bottom of the wooded hollow.  It was quickly discovered that the hollow was an old bottle dump.

Undeterred members of NYMCC began digging and were later joined on occasion by the odd Yorkie.  Over the years the dig has been the staple winter project.

After about 10 ft the bulk of the bottles have been passed and mostly pilfered by our good friend Mr G S Killer.  To date (March 2016) we are approximately 30ft down with a scaffolded shaft and are only just hitting the first limestone.
However the shaft has almost continuously takes a significant stream for the past four months or so.  Therefore the prospects are good!

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The glass trap reached a spectacular depth, we broke into a natural water washed shaft which will need further engineering to make any further progress. We are having a break from this dig whilst other things are occuring.

In the meantime we left the hole sealed and secured, however some people keep breaking in. We have now secured it more (semi) permanently and will return in due course.

If you are one of the people who keeps reopening it, please do get in touch and we would welcome your enthusiasm with many of our projects.