Motts Hole Windypit (Windypit VI)

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Moorland Caver (2003)

NGR:SE 518889
Altitude: 290m
Length: 70 m
Depth: 21 m
Access: Permission to descend is not granted
Grade: II
Entertainment Value: III

Motts can be rather an awkward hole to find and is best approached from
Gowerdale II (q.v). From Gowerdale II follow the fence East for about fifty paces, then head North down slope through trees for about twenty
paces. Motts lies in a clearing with a tree growing from the entrance.

The entrance is free climbable with care, however the safest option is to ladder the 7m entrance, best belayed to a convenient overhanging branch.
Follow the descending slope down to the eastern corner of the rift where a thrutch through boulders leads into the main part of the rift.
Good going along the rift, past narrow branch fissures (blind).
The main rift ends in a rocky area, which can be passed on two levels both of which peter out in a narrow continuation to the right.
Back at the foot of the entrance pitch it is possible to enter a further, short length of passage at the western end of the rift, an L shaped fissure, which chokes after circa 3m. This section can be explored on two levels.

Entrance: 7m ladder, spreader & sling; belay to overhanging branch (optional).

Windypit VI was initially discovered in 1947 by Chadwick of the Y.R.C. The hole was rediscovered in circa 1962 by the Bradford Pothole Club who named it Motts Hole.
Pushed to a definite conclusion by A.C.V.S.U. in 1972.


Yorkshire Ramblers Club – Journal 7 (1952)
In 1947, Chadwick went 30 ft. down VI, a crack, 65 yards E. of IV, and 30 ft. down the slope of Gowerdale.

Penning Underground (1965)

Northern Caves Volume 5 (1974)

BCRA Transactions – Vol.3 No.2 – The North Yorkshire Windypits (1976)
BCRAT3-mott2 BCRAT3-mott

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