Mutton Butty

Present :- Chris, Andy, Sparky, Adele (Team Pipe)

Matt, Ian, Nial, JD (Additional Dig Team)

A great night transporting and installing an access pipe.

Caplecleugh Archers Rise

Present : Chris, JD, Adele, Lee, JC, Chris Curry

A long overdue return to Archer Rise in Caplecleugh, time had clearly dulled my memory of quite how wet and grotty it was.

Photos by JD.

Ironstone Mine trip

Present : Chris, JD, Adele, Lee, Gav

Atmospheric conditions gave a rare chance to visit a part of this mine that we had not seen in 10 years. No further details can be shared.

Photo by Gav.


Mossdale and Grassington Mines

Present : Adele, Lee, JD, Andy, Sparkles, Chris

A visit to Mossdale with the necessary expert guidance. Followed by a walk back though the extensive lead mining areas. A huge amount more to do in both.