The Well

Moorland Caver (2003)

NGR: SE 709873
Altitude: 50m
Length: 20m (explored)
Depth; 6m
Access: Ravenswick Estate
Grade: V
Entertainment Value: V

Located in the river Dove at the bottom of a field approximately 400m off the Keldholme to Hutton-Le-Hole road, almost directly bellow the quarry.
The entrance is covered with planks (replace) near the riverbank.
The Well shaft is stone lined and scaffolded down to the water level (-3m in the summer).
Dive -2m down, feet first, to a tight and awkward constriction, which might require a medium, sized diver to dekitt and a large diver to dive somewhere else. Once through the constriction, and heading down stream 2m, the narrow and as yet un-dived upstream passage is passed. Continuing downstream the passage assumes the ample proportions of 1m high and 2-3m wide for the next 20m and would have gone further if the diver hadn‘t been over come with brown fear.
This site is about 1km upstream and 10m higher than the entrance to Bogg Hall Rising and offers the potential for an awesome through trip and maybe some dry passage for a skinny double hard diver.

Examined by R. Wilsdon and N. Hannon in 1983, the good Mr Wilsdon noting at the time “There is no future there” – nice one Richard!
Pushed to present limit by J. Gibbs and S.C.C. members in the summer of 2000.



Extract From SCC Newsletter 20/12/1998

Written By R Wilsdon

Jerry has accumulated scaffolding tube, clamps and is keen to shore up the walls of the Well. Preliminary inspection of the Well by Gerry last summer revealed an underwater chamber that was big enough to sit up in. Andy and I had a look the following week. We didn’t find the chamber but were able to work our way down to the horizontal by backing along into the rift and were then able to see into a bedding plane. This carried a gentle current of clear water on the upstream side, with afew feet of bedding visible.

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