Whitestone Cliff

Moorland Caver (2003)

Access:No known restrictions
Grade: I
Entertainment Value: II

3 caves found at the foot of the cliff, in sub-parallel fissures and jumbled boulders.

1. Whitestone Cliff Pot
NGR: SE 507836
Length: 12m
Depth: 15m
The entrance is at the foot of the cliff about
1.5km from the Sutton Bank visitors centre. A steep climb (hand lined) down a sandy slope leads to a small chamber; a tight passage leads off to an intersecting rift, which is only for very thin people.

2. Whitestone Cliff Through Cave
NGR: SE 507837
Length: 40m
Depth: 10m
At the foot of the cliff about 25m North of 1.Entrance is a roomy slot at the foot of a 3m climb between fallen boulders. The entrance rift leads to the main fracture, which runs sub-parallel to the cliff face to another exit.

3. Whitestone Cliff Rift
NGR: SE 507838
Length: 30m
Depth: 10m
At the Northern end of the cliff foot is an obvious entrance leading to a sub-parallel fracture. To the right this chokes after 2m. To the left, the rift descends to a loop round a large boulder, which partially blocks the passage. Climbing up enters a high-level passage split in two by some dodgy looking boulders, a further climb up reveals a dog with eyes as big as saucers guarding a chest full of gold coins.

BCRA Transactions – Vol.3 No.2 – The North Yorkshire Windypits (1976)

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  1. Hi, I was hoping you could give some more information about how to access the caves at Sutton bank/Whitestone cliff, I have have found the on on the other side at roulstan scar but struggling to find the ones at Whitestone cliff, are they accessed from the top or bottom of the cliff? Any more detailed info would be much appreciated, when I find them I’ll take some photos which your more than welcome to use for the site. Thanks.

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