Birk Bank Fissures (Caydale Hole / Dog Rescue Fissure / Shelobs Lair)

Moorland Caver (2003)
NGR: SE 555868
Altitude: 185m
Access: No known restrictions
Grade: II
Entertainment Value: II

Two slip rifts on the South side of Caydale.

(A.k.a Birk Bank Fissure, Dog Rescue Fissure)
Length: 27m
Depth: 10.5m

Two entrances at foot of the main scar. Climb down in rifts into wider rift chamber.
The fissure was discovered during 1952 when a dog fell down it. The dog was dug out by J.N. Grayson and local Quarrymen, the whole operation taking five days. Apart from the dog, the fissure also yielded archaeological / human remains. Williams, in “Ampleforth Country”, notes Caydale Hole in his list of eleven windypits known to Ampleforth Students; presumably this is one and the same hole. Despite the fact that the hole was mentioned in “Ampleforth Country” it effectively remained lost for a number of years until rediscovered by the M.S.G. in February 1981.

Length: 17m
Depth: 3.5m

Opposite Caydale Hole in South face of slumped block below the main scar.
Two entrances with narrow rift in between. In West entrance is a sloping passage leading to a small chamber.

Discovered by the M.S.G. at the same time as Caydale Hole (see above) was rediscovered.



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