Spaunton Cave

Moorland Caver (2003)
Altitude: 130m
Length: Circa 21 m
Access: Recent attempts to regain access to this cave have not proved successful. Please do not approach the farmer on whose land the cave lies as this could compromise any future access.

The cave was explored and described by Paul Fitton in 1948/9. As this cave has not been accessible or, indeed, open since the late 1940s (when the entrance was back-filled) it is worthwhile to record Fittons description in full:
“The entrance shaft descends through 6 feet of loose earth and gives the impression that it is party (sic) of a much larger rocky opening which has become completely blocked by soil. The floor is composed of sandy clay, which has evidently run in from the entrance, and a certain amount of excavation was necessary before the original explorers could follow the passage. The roof is a flat bed of limestone and shows little trace of water action. The cave comes to an end in a constricted passage, which is completely blocked by a fall of roof.
It seems possible that excavation might reveal a continuation of the passage on the opposite side of the entrance shaft.
The cave is very reminiscent of Kirkdale, Fadmoor and other caves in the area …”

Entrance collapsed under the weight of a farm trailer in September 1948. The cave was explored and surveyed on 7.11.1948 by R. Hayes, J. Bridge and E.P Fitton.

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